Pediatric Care

Dr. Reddy Family Doctors Pediatric Care

In addition to adult care, Dr. Reddy is also a Pediatrician who can see children as well.

Other services include:

  • Prenatal Counseling
  • Office Visits for Evaluation and Management of Illness, Disease & Injury
  • Same Day Appointments for Sick Patients when Available
  • Weekend Urgent Care Visits
  • Emergency 24-Hour On Call Service
  • Comprehensive Well Child Visits
  • Immunizations
  • Developmental, Hearing, and Vision Screenings
  • School & Sports Physicals
  • Routine Lab Work
  • Minor Laceration Repair
  • Wart Freezing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing for Asthma Management.
We at Dr. Reddy Family Doctors will appropriately help you decide if your child's condition is manageable at our clinic vs. going to a pediatric specialist.