COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Message from Dr. Reddy
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3600 Conflans Rd
Suite 100, Irving, TX, 75061

Srilatha Reddy, M.D. is an authorized physician for the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services to perform medical exams necessary to apply for a green card or an adjustment of status.

The I-693 form can be found here:

Please download and fill out as much as you can before your appointment.

Bring all of your vaccination shot records, Passport/ID for the visit.

The Vaccines prices are:
TDAP Vaccine $75
Varicella Vaccine $200
MMR Vaccine $110
Flu Vaccine $25 (only during flu season)
MMR Titer $65
Varicella Titer $25

If you've had all the required vaccinations and proof, then the price is $295.00. (Physical, TB, RPR, Gonorrhea and I-693 processing)

If you're missing any vaccinations we will draw a blood test to determine what's needed (titers) and depending on the results, the price may go up to $485.00.

Our prices are lower than surrounding physicians that we've surveyed and our turn around time is less as well.