About us

Dr. Reddy family doctors

Dr. Reddy Family Doctors Vision
Dr. Reddy Family Doctors serve patients with compassion and empathy and commit to the highest level of care. To provide easy access to all the health services to create better everyday life for the communities that we serve.

Dr. Reddy Family Doctors Mission
Dr. Reddy Family Doctors mission is to provide reliable and trust worthy medical care to all the patients of all ages and all genders. Provide the most up to date evidence based treatment for all diseases and illnesses, as well as to provide the best preventative care to keep you in good health. Our intent is not only to treat you as a patient, but also to care for you as family. We will provide the highest quality medical care to bring healing to the individual and their family while building trust as we grow in our relationships together. You can rely on the skilled and courteous professionals at Dr. Reddy Family Doctors to cater to all your medical needs with ease.

Dr. Reddy Family Doctors Clinic Story
Dr. Reddy Family Doctors is a well-established multi provider family medical clinic serving Irving and Grand Prairie community since 2001. Our Story was born in 2001 with the acquisition of Dr. Edmund Bukalew and Plattener brothers Primary Care Clinic one of the oldest Family Medicine Practice in Grand Prairie. In 2005 Dr. Reddy opened another location in Irving on patients request in Baylor Hospital Complex. We have been taking care of all our patients medical needs from both the locations. In 2018 we moved our both locations into one at 3600 Conflans Road for better facility, easy access, plenty of parking and convenient for all patients from both the locations, exactly in middle of both location only 4 miles from Irving and Grand Prairie clinic locations.

Dr. Reddy Family Doctors reasonable Prices
We offer reasonable prices for all our services, including lab work. Also, there is an independently owned pharmacy by a Texas certified and licensed pharmacist in the building to cater to all our patients prescription needs right there and their entire refills can be sent via mail orders to the patient’s home for their convenience. One can count on our courteous, friendly and competent healthcare professionals to provide with nothing less than exceptional medical care.

We accept walk-ins however there might be little bit of wait as we see patients with appointment as priority.

Our staff speaks English, Spanish, Hindi and Telugu for the convenience of all these patients who speak those languages.